As this pandemic drags on I am finding it more and more important to focus on my mental health.  In addition to adding meditation and journaling to my daily routines I’ve also started coloring.  It’s something that I can do with my girls while we listen to our favorite tunes and just take some quiet time together.  

I’ve often made coloring pages from my designs for my girls, but it is pretty rare that I actually sit down and color with them.  Usually I will print some sheet off for them so I can distract them long enough to clean or fold laundry. It’s really rare for me to take time to do things just because.  If I am working on designs or drawing it has to be for a product and if my kids are quiet and entertained I need to be doing something around the house. This of course has been a recipe for burn out.  Who can relate?

Free Mandala Coloring Page

Today I have a free coloring sheet for you.  Print it and find a quiet place to color just because. I’d love to see your completed coloring pages so be sure to tag @phathappylife and share on instagram.

2020 Freebie Vault

You can grab it in the 2020 Freebie Vault, here. Starting now I’ll be putting all the free design files, presets, and actions in one place.  This means once you are in the vault there is no need to sign up again.  

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