Getting a White Background in Lightroom

Hi everyone! In today’s tutorial I’m gonna show you how you can expand your white background in Lightroom. This is perfect if you were shooting on a backdrop or a poster board that is too small for the image that you shot. I’m also going to show you how to make that background perfectly white and we’re gonna do this all in Lightroom. That’s right, we’re not using Photoshop at all!

In this tutorial I use the adjustment brush tool in Lightroom. To make it super easy for you to flow along. I’ve included this Lightroom brush for free you can get it at the link below. How cool is that?

GRAB THE BRUSH HERE: https://www.thephatphotog.com/free-perfectly-white-background-lightroom/buy

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Today’s video was brought to you by my Picture Perfect Workflow for Lightroom. It includes all the tools you need to get beautiful, clean, consistent edits right in Lightroom at lighting fast speeds. Be sure to check out here, you can use the code YT2020 to take 10% off.

CHECK IT OUT HERE: https://www.thephatphotog.com/picture-perfect-wf?coupon=YT2020


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