Free Garden Lightroom Presets

Download Now Phat Freebies are free for personal use and commercial use. YOU MAY: Use these presets to edit your personal photos. Use these presets to edit your commercial photos.  YOU MAY NOT Distribute these digital files as your own for free or commercially. Claim these presets as your own.  Pin for Later Share on pinterest Pinterest

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Installing Lightroom Mobile Presets

Curious about Lightroom Presets? Do you use Lightroom to edit photos on your phone? Presets can offer a quick and easy way to edit your photos right on your phone.  Today I have a quick tutorial showing you haw to install Lightroom. Presets on your phone.  A preset is similar to any other kind of photo filter except you have a lot more flexibility. The great thing about presets is you can get clean consistent editing of your photos even if you aren’t super tech savvy. Plus once you get used to using presets you can start creating your own

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